About Us

I am a second generation Pawn Broker. I grew up in a Pawn Shop my Dad opened in the late 1950’s in Southern California. 

It was never my intention to spend my adult life in the Pawn Business… but here I am! 

After an Honorable Discharge from the US Navy in 1990 I tried a few different professions; retail, business, management, etc.  In 1994 I moved my wife and our two sons to Georgia.  I took a job in a high rise office in downtown Atlanta and on my daily commute I would pass a privately owned Pawn Shop then one day I stopped  in and the rest as they say is history!

The owner reminded me a lot of my Dad and he treated me like a son.  I was with him for 3 years until one day curiosity pulled me into a large corporate owned chain Pawn Shop.

The District Manager and the Regional Director both happened to be in the Shop and after a short amount of “shop talk” they offered me a job.  It was hard to leave where I was but the opportunity for growth at a large corporation could not be ignored. 

I started in 1997 as a Store Associate, and then quickly promoted to Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager and then District Manager, by the time I left the corporation I was the Regional Director running 26 Shops in 3 states. 

In July 2013 an opportunity to purchase a Shop presented itself and we took it!! I had learned a lot in the corporate world and was excited to couple my corporate knowledge with my Pawn Shop upbringing and private ownership experience. 

We owned A Georgia Dawg Pawn in Athens  until January of 2009.  We sold the Shop, due to family needs, and moved to Sandpoint Idaho where we opened our second Shop, Trade N Post Pawn and Coin. 

We sold Trade N Post in May of 2013 and moved to Arizona to escape the snow.  In Arizona I went to work for a small corporate owned chain of Pawn Shops.  I started as a Store Associate and was quickly promoted to Store Manager and then District Manager.  In early 2015 I was recruited to be a District Operations Manager by a family owned chain of Pawn Shops in North Carolina.  I was excited about the opportunity as it brought us back to the south and closer to “home”.   

In December of 2015 I decided it was time to go back to Georgia.  I took a position with a small corporate owned chain as a Store Manager.   In June of 2016  I  was ready to be an owner again and we purchased All American Pawn & Gun here in Carrollton.

We really love this community and are very happy to be a part of it!!

We truly believe a Pawn Shop plays a vital roll in a community, by offering quick, hassle free, instant loans we are providing a much needed service.

Daily we are helping individuals and family’s make ends meet by loaning them money to pay their bills, put food on their tables, gas in their vehicles, help them thru an unexpected expense, etc. 

You cant go to the bank and get an instant loan for $25 to $2000, that’s not a service they provide, Pawn Shops do! 

We don’t need to know why you need the loan, your credit score or your employment status.  We strive to always be fair and honest with everyone whether getting a loan, selling an item or buying an item.  It is our goal to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We do our best to always provide a clean and well organized Shop. 

Come check us out!! We would really appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you soon!! 

Mr. Eugene & Larry Sawyer

Mr. Eugene Sawyer